/ Aug 4, 2014

BLO live at Typhoon next Monday

We've got a last minute show popping up next Monday the 11th at Typhoon in Santa Monica. As if that weren't enough, we'll be joined by a surprise guest vocalist. Who could it be?! Fans of the band might have an idea if you saw us last November.

Sets at 8pm and 9:30. Call 310-390-6565 for reservations

Saxophones: Alex Budman, Kevin Garren, Sean Franz, Tom Luer, Adam Schroeder

Trombones: Jeremy Levy, Paul Young, Erm Navarro, Steve Hughes

Trumpets: Jamie Hovorka, Rob Schaer, Michael Stever, Brian Swartz

Piano: Quinn Johnson
Guitar: Matt Hornbeck
Bass: Lyman Medeiros
Drums: Zack Albetta